90 Day Transformation Program  $240 

  • 48 custom workout sessions “4 per week”

  • 4 workouts per week at a limited time value of $5 per sessions

  • Includes 3 stages of progression

60 Day Transformation Program   $192 

  • 32 custom workout sessions “4 per week”

  • 4 workouts per week for $6 per sessions

  • Includes 2 stages of progression

30 Day Kick Into Gear Program    $112

  • 16 custom workout sessions “4 per week”

  • 4 workouts per week for $7 per sessions


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Imagine what it would be like to have access to the expertise of a personal trainer of the highest quality to personally guide you step by step towards your fitness goals. Now imagine being able to complete and log your workout whenever and wherever you want. No matter where you are you will have access to your specific workout for that day, feedback and support from your trainer in the palm of your hand. The best part is that you can have all this for a fraction of what it will cost you to hire an in-person personal trainer.

Coach Cola has the solution you’ve been waiting on. Coach Cola has designed programs for some of the most elite training facilities in the world. He has also personally trained clients ranging from professional athletes to soccer moms and active elderly individuals. Coach Cola is now offering online training.

All of our online training programs are custom made for you. Coach Cola takes the information you provide in the evaluation form and designs your program based on your needs and goals. Coach Cola will guide you every step of the way with the same quality as his in person clients but more convenient and less expensive for you. 

Coach Cola normally charges his personal clients $100 or more per session. For a limited time you can get access to the same quality tailored workout program for $5 a session! Many are paying 20x this for inferior support. Take advantage of this early bird special because it won’t be $5 for long…. That's a 1 hour personal training session for the price of a cup of Starbucks coffee. Wow!